“Ask Graham Anything” Music Biz Meet, Greet and Q & A Event

Join other Lower Mainland musicians, singers, songwriters, music biz entrepreneurs, etc. on Wednesday, November 22, for an enlightening evening of discussion about the music business and a chance to enhance your career prospects. This event is FREE. Click on the “Events” tab in the menu above for more details.

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Scary Movie 2–Preventing Unauthorized Filming and Use of Your Live Concert

This is the follow-up to Scary Movie: The Live Music Video Turned Horror Show, posted earlier on this site.

First of all, be aware that some venues prohibit recording without their express permission, and will post a notice to that effect on the premises. (In such case, even you might need permission from them to have a videographer capture your performance on your behalf.) They may even require it be stated on your tickets or any printed concert program.

On occasions where you also don’t want people filming, Continue reading

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Who Writes The Songs? Why Some Bands Are Singing The Blues

It’s a sad reality that far too many bands are remiss when it comes to housekeeping, and one of the things that has come back to haunt more than a few groups and former mates is an unfortunate propensity for untidiness when it comes to song material written by members. Continue reading

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The Imposters – Spotting the Pretend Record Label

If you happen to be in the market for a label deal, or you think that’s on the horizon for you in the not-too-distant future, you might want to keep the following in mind as you pursue all the options. Continue reading

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Scary Movie: The Live Music Video Turned Horror Show

As an artist building a career, exposure is obviously one of the key ingredients to growing your fan base. In your excitement to get yourself seen by as many people as possible, it is understandable that you may relish having fans video your performances and encourage them to post/share them on the Web. Even some popular established acts are known to allow it.

But what if you should have a change of heart Continue reading

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The Artist Personal Manager in the Digital Age

For many emerging artists today, “partners” has come to be a lot less about traditional conduits to the masses – i.e., terrestrial media and, most importantly, record companies – than about Internet and mobile-based allies and services. This is due in part to the inability of the label pool to absorb the torrent of acts now spilling onto the music scene, and also because an increasing number of artists see digital media/technology as a viable alternative to relying on the industry machine, especially in view of the evident difficulties various high-profile record companies have had adapting to life on the digital frontier.

In this regard, some people in the industry no longer see it as the manager’s responsibility to be concerned, short term or long term, with actively trying to get their client signed to a label. Continue reading

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Music Publishers and the New Songwriter

In the earlier days of the music industry, few performing and recording acts wrote their own material. Thus, publishers were an important source of songs for artists and an attractive home for the non-performing writer.

Today, many publishers have broadened aspirations, assuming roles that in former times were not typically their domain. Continue reading

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Record Deals: The Website Grab and other Label Shenanigans

There are some important digital-related property rights that should remain with the artist but which a record company may want thrown into the deal, perhaps hoping they will slip under the radar. Continue reading

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Streaming Music Services – The Gift That Just Keeps Giving?

About three years ago I wrote a blog titled “Whither The Ad-supported Free Music Sites?”, in which I made mention of the streaming service Spotify that was struggling to establish itself in North America. I seriously questioned the viability of its business model at the time, but then I wasn’t privy to just how far the company would go to curry favour with the major labels. Continue reading

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Bitcoin, Then and Now

This month I decided to add Bitcoin to the forms of payment I accept for the consulting and career coaching services I offer music artists and others in this business. I also recently made my first purchase of the digital currency–1.06847855 of it, to be precise–at the sole Bitcoin ATM, located in downtown Vancouver. The procedure was quite easy, actually, and I was able to instantly deposit it into my already-created digital wallet.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, you’re not alone. Here’s a quick and dirty primer of sorts on Bitcoin. Continue reading

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