About Me

I have actively participated in the music and entertainment business for over 30 years, initially as a performing and recording artist and writer before making the shift into the business end of the industry. My first endeavour involved starting and building a music distribution company in Canada, which I sold 13 years later to a major competitor at a time when I was turning my focus to international music licensing. During that period and since, I’ve worked with numerous recording artists in many capacities and developed business relationships with countless domestic and foreign players in the field.

In the last decade, after establishing a music publishing and record company a few years earlier, I turned more of my focus to helping artists, songwriters and industry entrepreneurs with career decisions, strategy development and issue resolution as a career coach and consultant. For several years I also taught a music business course I designed called Your Career In Music at Douglas College in Greater Vancouver.

For a more detailed overview of my background, click here.

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