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This page is dedicated to providing information on products and services provided by other parties that I believe will be immensely helpful for independent artists.

Music Marketing Manifesto

Recording artist John Oszajca has spent a lot of time and money learning the ins and outs of Internet marketing and how an artist can apply it to drive lots of traffic to their site, build their email list fast and successfully sell their music online. Now he’s sharing his knowledge, tips, strategies and secrets through the amazingly affordable Music Marketing Manifesto, an in-depth online course designed to make it easy for anyone to benefit from all he’s learned.

Music Marketing Manifesto is based on a strategy that is known in marketing circles as “direct response marketing”. Instead of simply setting up a Reverbnation page, Facebook page, YouTube channel, iTunes account, etc., and waiting for hordes of fans to start magically pouring in and buying your music (which is wishful thinking, because it won’t happen), you need to go out and use proven selling strategies to drive traffic, capture leads, build an authentic relationship with your fans/subscribers and then occasionally employ “sales triggers” to motivate those fans/subscribers to get off the fence and become BUYERS and BOOSTERS (i.e., spread the word about you, become part of your street team, etc.). Once they have committed to you then you need to increase value by offering additional perks and saleable items to your fans.

I think all this is really important stuff for the independent artist who doesn’t have the industry machine behind them. Incredibly, John’s currently offering everything in one big package for a limited time only for under a hundred bucks! This deal isn’t likely to remain available indefinitely, so to find out more click on the above banner. If you sign up for Music Marketing Manifesto by accessing his sign-up page via the banner or one of the links in this section of my Artist Special Resources page, I’ll give you a half-hour private one-on-one phone career consultation session ABSOLUTELY FREE, in which we can discuss whatever is of particular importance to you right now about your career, your music, your promotional efforts, your group if you have one, or anything else. Just email me at to let me know you’ve signed up so we can schedule your free consultation.

Music Marketing Insider Circle

The Music Marketing Insider Circle is marketing expert John Oszajca’s new monthly “Mastermind” community for artists. The members area is filled with all the marketing tricks that John doesn’t normally share with the general public (in other words, really good stuff :-)).

Members of the MMIC will get Monthly Training Modules, a Mastermind Forum, Insider Interviews with professionals from different segments of the industry, a Music Marketing Library, as well as Regular Group Coaching Calls with John.

To find out more CLICK HERE to see John’s free informative video, “The Music Business Is Dying…” and get instant access to membership in his Music Marketing Insider Circle. When you sign up for MMIC, be sure to do so through the link I’m providing here and I’ll give you a FREE half-hour private one-on-one phone career consultation session in which we can discuss whatever is of particular importance to you right now about your career, your music, your promotional efforts, your group if you have one, or anything else. Plus, as an additional bonus I’ll give you my new Internet Marketer insider report “Tips For Online Success.” Just email me at to let me know you’ve signed up so we can schedule your free consultation and I’ll also then send you the link to your free report.

Please note that signing up for MMIC does not give you access to John’s Music Marketing Manifesto course, which I also highly recommend. For that, you must click on any one of the links in the section at the beginning of this page where I talk about MMM. Sign up for both before November 15 and you’ll get one hour of free career coaching with me!

The MMIC has been created so that artists who are serious about selling their music have a community where they can compare notes, continue learning, and get direct advice along the way. Basically, it’s a place for artists who understand some of the fundamentals of marketing, but who want to take things to the next level. John’s great to work with, so I’m confident you’ll really enjoy and benefit from your membership. And don’t forget, there’s the additional free bonuses you’ll get from me!

Insider Circle Access Link

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The Viral Music Tool Kit

The Viral Music Tool Kit is a collection of amazing tools co-created by music marketer John Oszajca. It includes the Viral Music Player, the Viral Video Player, the Viral Image Revealer, and the Viral Download Revealer. These are a no brainer for any musician who would like to see their music go viral. Each tool is sold individually or as part of the complete tool kit. Right now the entire kit is being offered at a fantastic price.

For an emerging artist, getting traffic to their website, social media pages and ultimately their gigs is probably the single biggest marketing challenge they have. No traffic means no album sales. Sharing music, videos, downloads, pictures and more with your existing and potential fans should be a key piece of your marketing and promotion strategy. The Tool Kit’s applications enable you to do that simply and easily, and provide your fans a built-in incentive to share, like or tweet your protected content. Click here to find out more from John himself and see how it all works.

As a bonus, if you purchase the whole kit by accessing his Viral Music Tool Kit info page via one of the links I’ve provided here, I’ll give you a half-hour private one-on-one phone career consultation session ABSOLUTELY FREE. You can discuss with me whatever is of particular importance to you right now about your career, your music, your promotional efforts, your group if you have one, or anything else. Just email me at to let me know you’ve signed up so we can schedule your free consultation.

Tom Jackson – Live Music Producer

  • As an artist, your live show is going to be key to your success. Many people already know that American live music producer Tom Jackson coaches top performers using his remarkable Live Music Method. Now independent artists anywhere can access his wealth of knowledge at a fraction of the cost of personal live coaching sessions with his series of great instructional products. Tom’s All Roads Lead To The Stage 7-DVD Set is his best seller! Click the image below for more info and to order. And be sure to check out my FREE BONUS offer at the bottom of this page!

  • It’s an unfortunate reality that most aspiring artists do not really understand the art of live performance. It’s one thing to put time, effort and money into honing your vocal skills or musicianship, it is quite another to learn how to deliver that artistry effectively. While artists have a significant amount of control over things like the development of their promo kit, their recording project and most everything else related to their career, very few exert much of any control over what happens with their audience. Tom brings that to the table for you with his series of teaching aids designed to make your show a compelling, dynamite performance every time you take to the stage. Check out two of his best–the Live Music Makeovers DVDs–where Tom takes artists from the beginning of a rehearsal all the way to the stage.

  • A great new addition to Tom’s repertoire of amazing products is his Live Music Method book. This is the first book of it’s kind in the music industry–really 2 books in 1! Want to learn to apply Tom’s Live Music Method, so you can become the performer you’ve always wanted to be? Here’s where Tom reveals the secrets the stars understand, what you can do to separate your show from the competition, and how to craft an absolutely memorable, compelling performance that will have your audience in the palm of your hand every time. Tom also lays out his Live Music Business Principles, to show you where most artists really make their money, how you can connect with those willing to pay you when you play, and revenue streams that will really help grow your music career. If you already own Tom’s DVDs, you’ll really benefit from the additional material this book covers–more graphs for longer and shorter sets, material on how/when to speak to your audience, his method for gaining a vision for each song and uncovering their special moments during rehearsal, a proven business model that will build a strong fan base and increase your income, and a lot more!

  • If you would like a closer connection with Tom, consider signing up for his Backstage Pass, which will give you access to videos and blogs that will help you take your show from good to great! You’ll get advice from Tom on how to put your live show together and how to improve your onstage skills. You’ll also be able to read blogs from Tom’s associate Live Music Producers and other industry professionals. Plus, you’ll be able to watch videos of artist performance critiques, mini-music makeovers, and before/after performances by artists of all types and genres! You will also have access to Tom and his associates’ teaching and workshops as well as interviews and conversations they’ve had with industry folk. Click on the Backstage Pass image below for more info and to join! And be sure to check out my FREE BONUS offer at the bottom of this page!

  • Putting out on stage entails getting your mind, heart and body “into” the music and connecting with the audience through your material, your instrument and/or voice, your physicality, image and staging. This applies even to the solo act sitting on a stool alone with a guitar. Learning from a professional can speed up the learning and assimilation process, helping you with important facets of performance, such as how to build up a song both musically and visually, how to read an audience, develop charisma, be spontaneous, engage the crowd with patter between songs, avoid performance no-no’s and even how to approach rehearsals. These things make the difference between a forgettable performance and one that has the crowd absolutely wowed. Want to learn in the presence of Tom? Check out his amazing Bootcamp. Read on!

Imagine two full days of classes, hands-on demonstrations, and instruction in Live Music Methods from Tom Jackson and his team that will make your live show absolutely memorable! You’ll be inspired, and ideas will begin to flow on how to apply these techniques to YOUR show. Right now, too, there’s a limited time only  early bird 50% discount on registration–that’s under $200! to participate in a fantastic intensive two-day workshop with Tom. Click on the Bootcamp image above for more info. IF and when you decide to sign up, be sure to access his sign-up page from the above image link here on my Artists Resources Page so you’ll be eligible for a 30 minute private one-on-one phone consultation session with me. It’s my bonus gift to you, FREE! Click HERE to check it out!

  • And for the ULTIMATE training, there’s private One-On-One Rehearsals sessions with Tom or one of his certified coaches! Live Music Producers are available to travel to wherever the artist is located. This is an investment that will pay off big time, because a great show means way more merch sales, a faster-growing fan base, and a fast-tracked career projectory.

Through the Tom Jackson Live Music Producing process the artist/band is provided specific and personal guidance in two areas: 1) fundamental skills onstage, and 2) producing a final product, whether it’s a showcase, opening spot on a tour, or a headlining act. Artists learn movement, speaking, timing, how to deliver solos, manage cutoffs – they learn to create diverse moments, how to transition, what to say and where to say it, use pressure changes on the audience, and much much more.

Find our more by clicking on this One-On-One Rehearsals Link. And be sure to check out my FREE BONUS offer below!

Aaron Davison’s A to Z of Music Licensing

The A-Z Of Music Licensing is a one-of-a-kind instructional program download package designed to get you started in the business of music licensing in visual media. It’s creator, Aaron Davison, attended Berklee College of Music in the mid 1990’s where he majored in Songwriting, studying with some of the world’s most renowned Songwriting Professors. He has been writing songs for over fifteen years, focusing in the last decade on placements in visual media.

Aaron is a strong believer in songwriters taking matters into their own hands if their career is going sideways (instead of up) and there doesn’t seem to be an answer on the horizon. Being proactive in getting your songs placed is key to earning a better living with your craft. TV, film, games and even websites can be a great source of income for writers and musicians IF they know the how’s, why’s and where’s.

This program is less than 50 bucks and for anything like this price has to be the most comprehensive educational package available covering both the technical and how-to information on placing music in all kinds of visual media. There’s too many features and goodies to list here, so pop over to Aaron’s Sign-up Page (Click Here!) for all the details and get cracking!


Whenever you decide to sign up for any of the great products or services listed above, be sure to access the vendor’s sign-up page through the appropriate link on this Artist Special Resources page. If you do, then once you’ve signed up email me at with confirmation and as a BONUS I’ll arrange for you to have a FREE 30 minute private one-on-one phone consultation session with me! You’ll get to talk to me directly about whatever is of particular importance to you right now about your career, your music, your promotional efforts, your band if you have one, or anything else on your mind. This offer won’t last forever, so don’t wait too long.

Disclaimer: the author is an affiliate for several of the products/services described on this page.

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