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Critiques: I provide artists and songwriters a constructive, meaningful written or over-the-phone critique of their audio recording(s) and/or song material, including suggestions for improvement, which can cover the following: quality and appropriateness of vocals (if any), quality and appropriateness of instrumentation and arrangements, elements of the song, the production quality, the layout/graphics/text (if any), and how well the project does or does not serve its intended purpose. I am also available to critique your video(s), promo material, live show, website and overall Internet marketing strategy..

IMPORTANT: a recording created for one purpose may not serve you well for other purposes. For example, a demo recording created to get gigs locally may not serve well for radio play purposes, or a self-produced recording that may sell well at live performances may not gain much interest from record companies. Therefore, it is necessary when submitting a recording for a critique to inform me as to the original intended purpose(s) for which it was made (i.e., to get publishing representation and/or to get gigs and/or to get interest from a record company and/or to sell at gigs and/or to get radio play and/or to get interest from domestic or foreign distributors) and the budget spent on the project.

I keep my critique fee as reasonable as possible. For up to three song tracks or three videos (or a combination thereof), or for a website or press kit, my fee is US/Cdn$100.00. Please contact me to discuss the cost if you wish more, or other, items critiqued (an entire album, for example, or an in-person stage show evaluation). Critiques are provided by email or phone (limited to 15 minutes). However, an in-person session to discuss your material or show can be arranged if desired. Note that payment is required prior to the critique.

Career Coaching: This is appropriate for those who need assistance regarding general career direction and in formulating a strategy-based road map for moving forward. You will be sent a questionnaire to complete so that I have the necessary background information on you and your activities. I will also let you know what available material of yours (sound recordings, song material, bio, video, website link, etc.) I need supplied in order to more thoroughly prepare myself for the consultation session(s).

Career-oriented sessions can be in person, by phone or by Skype, and are charged for on an hourly basis. You set the limit as to however long you wish any session to be (the initial session will be a minimum of one-hour; subsequent sessions shorter or longer, at your discretion).

Assistance With Specific Projects: If you have a particular matter you need help with (contracts, publishing and copyright issues, marketing strategy, etc.) an hourly consulting fee applies, except in cases where a mutually satisfactory lump-sum project fee can be worked out. If you have a budget in mind, I will assess beforehand whether the amount is sufficient, excessive, or unrealistically low. In many cases I can provide you a quote prior to commencing work. In any case, I will do my best to tailor my work to stay under or within the budget you finally decide on, and no additional fee would be charged without your prior approval.

Hourly Rate: Please contact me.

Payments: Residents of Canada may pay by bank draft, postal money order, cheque, email transfer, PayPal or Bitcoin. In the case of a cheque, there will be a delay of two weeks before I proceed with any work in order to allow sufficient time for the cheque to clear the banking system. U.S. residents may pay in US funds or Bitcoin. Payments from the U.S. may be by check, bank draft, international postal money order, PayPal or Bitcoin. In the case of a U.S. check, there will be a delay of one month before I can proceed with any work in order to allow sufficient time for the check to clear the banking system. Any payment from outside North America must be in the form of an international bank draft or by PayPal or Bitcoin.

Contacting me: Please email me at if you wish to set up a time for a brief phone call to discuss your needs.

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