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Issues related to personal artist management.

The Artist Personal Manager in the Digital Age

For many emerging artists today, “partners” has come to be a lot less about traditional conduits to the masses – i.e., terrestrial media and, most importantly, record companies – than about Internet and mobile-based allies and services. This is due in part to the inability of the label pool to absorb the torrent of acts now spilling onto the music scene, and also because an increasing number of artists see digital media/technology as a viable alternative to relying on the industry machine, especially in view of the evident difficulties various high-profile record companies have had adapting to life on the digital frontier.

In this regard, some people in the industry no longer see it as the manager’s responsibility to be concerned, short term or long term, with actively trying to get their client signed to a label. (more…)

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The Management Deal – Caution Is The Order Of The Day

My recent work on a management deal contract for a local DJ artist brought back to mind a number of things every musician, singer and band ought to think seriously about when looking for a personal manager.

Right off the bat, it’s important to know (more…)

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