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Interesting stuff about putting together a musical group and keeping it together.

Who Writes The Songs? Why Some Bands Are Singing The Blues

It’s a sad reality that far too many bands are remiss when it comes to housekeeping, and one of the things that has come back to haunt more than a few groups and former mates is an unfortunate propensity for untidiness when it comes to song material written by members. (more…)

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The Band: It’s A Team Thing

A successful band is a team. It’s not one guy or gal doing all the grunt work while the rest just play their chops. Neither is it an autocracy.

A band entails teamwork, so the first thing you want to be sure of is (more…)

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Why Most Bands Don’t Last

In response to a Maclean’s magazine interviewer who found it “hard to understand why so many bands implode at the height of their careers, when they’re poised to make the most money,” David Clayton-Thomas of Blood, Sweat & Tears had this to say recently about (more…)

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