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Scary Movie: The Live Music Video Turned Horror Show

As an artist building a career, exposure is obviously one of the key ingredients to growing your fan base. In your excitement to get yourself seen by as many people as possible, it is understandable that you may relish having fans video your performances and encourage them to post/share them on the Web. Even some popular established acts are known to allow it.

But what if you should have a change of heart (more…)

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Dealing With A Booking Agent And Protecting Your Interests

The agent has a responsibility not only to you, but to the party hiring you. He has to be confident that you will fulfill that party’s needs and that the party will also live up to their responsibilities. For all intents and purposes, then, the agent has both the employee (the act) and the employer (the hiring party) as clients, for ultimately his agenda is to make sure that both parties are satisfied. This dual responsibility is directly reflected in how money flows between the parties. (more…)

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Finding An Appropriate Booking Agent

Before you start researching booking agents and knocking on doors, write down in summary form what it is you want an agent to accomplish for you, based on your goals and what you now know in general about the agency role. Then, based on a realistic self-assessment, create a check list of what you are able and prepared to do for them and their hiring clients. This is a useful reality-check exercise that helps you (more…)

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Improving Your Odds Of Getting Live Gigs

It’s an interesting and, for artists, rather unfortunate reality that clubs, restaurants, bars and such in many towns are, for the most part, paying no more today for live acts than they were when I was gigging around 25 to 30 years ago. Many venue operators think they can’t afford to pay more than they are or simply don’t have to. With so many acts these days wanting places to play and fewer establishments than ever offering live music, it’s a buyer’s market.

So, here’s a few tips that could help you increase your chances of landing the kind of gigs you want. (more…)

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Booking Agents – What They Do And Working With More Than One

In this industry, the term “agent” is commonly used to refer to a party whose specific role is booking live performance gigs (“engagements”) and arranging for payments from the hiring parties. (more…)

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Creating A Dynamite Live Music Show

Here’s a question I think all you performing artists should be asking yourselves about your show. How much do you know that you don’t know?

I teach a music biz course at a local college and I drum into my students the importance of taking a reality check on all aspects of themselves, their music and their act. This includes their stage show. But, it wasn’t until I took the time a little while back to attend, as an observer, a workshop facilitated by American live music producer/performance coach Tom Jackson that (more…)

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Who Says The Live Music Scene Is Dying In Vancouver?

Actually, I’ve said as much for years now. But, there are these little bright spots that appear from time to time, sometimes where you least expect them and other times right under your proverbial nose. The Tuesday Night Music Club at The Cellar Nightclub on Granville (more…)

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