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Insights, musings and maybe a revelation or two about what it takes to make it in this business as a recording/performing artist, songwriter or entrepreneur.

The Management Deal – Caution Is The Order Of The Day

My recent work on a management deal contract for a local DJ artist brought back to mind a number of things every musician, singer and band ought to think seriously about when looking for a personal manager.

Right off the bat, it’s important to know (more…)

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Do Record Labels Matter Anymore?

I recently hosted a Meetup workshop event for artists focused on the topic of record labels versus going the indie route. I think this is a pretty important topic these days, what with all the loose talk and opinions flying around about the death of the industry as we know it, let alone the plethora of negative stories out there about how labels treat their artists. (more…)

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Press Kits For Music Artists: The Number One Rule

The PK is an important tool for any artist or band aspiring to make inroads in this business. Thus, knowing what it should contain and paying serious attention to each element are key to giving yourself or your group the best chance of getting the interest of industry members. (more…)

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What Could Be More Important Than Your Talent?

I gave a talk recently at a local music biz event and I was asked by the organizer during my conversation with him a few weeks prior to pick a subject that I thought would be immediately relevant for the people who would be forming the bulk of the audience–i.e., recording and performing artists and aspiring artists.

Well, there’s an awful lot that I could talk about (it could fill a book, which it will, by the way), but it didn’t take me more than a moment to decide on what it would be. Here’s a snippit for my blog readers. (more…)

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