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Streaming Music Services – The Gift That Just Keeps Giving?

About three years ago I wrote a blog titled “Whither The Ad-supported Free Music Sites?”, in which I made mention of the streaming service Spotify that was struggling to establish itself in North America. I seriously questioned the viability of its business model at the time, but then I wasn’t privy to just how far the company would go to curry favour with the major labels. (more…)

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Some Basics About Internet Marketing for Music Artists

I recently moderated a workshop locally on Internet marketing (IM) that was geared specifically for music artists. I don’t consider myself an expert in the field, but I’ve learned a fair bit from private work with a top IM coach as well as extensive research and countless seminars, webinars and teleseminars I’ve attended.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to be part of this workshop because I think it’s essential for independent artists to gain a much better understanding about what this IM thing is really all about and why so many aspiring acts aren’t getting much traction with their online promotional efforts. We heard from a guest speaker about the social media management part of it, but I had a few things to say myself about some other key elements of online marketing that I’d like to summarize here. (more…)

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First By The Post – Manual vs. Automatic Transmission to Social Media Sites

As Featured On EzineArticlesMost people when they go to buy a car look for something with an automatic transmission. That’s understandable. It’s one of the great innovations many of us have come to take for granted that makes driving just that much easier to deal with.

Navigating the intricate world of Internet marketing and social media is far more challenging than driving, so when an innovative tool comes along that promises to make our digital lives easier and more productive we are apt to want to adopt it, especially if it’s free.

One such tool that has drawn a lot of accolades and users is (more…)

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Yanked From YouTube – A Lesson For Independent Artists

You may have heard about the recent yanking from YouTube of teen starlet Rebecca Black’s video of her infamous song Friday. What you may not know is why it happened and the huge lesson that all aspiring artists should take from her experience. (more…)

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Press Kits For Music Artists: The Number One Rule

The PK is an important tool for any artist or band aspiring to make inroads in this business. Thus, knowing what it should contain and paying serious attention to each element are key to giving yourself or your group the best chance of getting the interest of industry members. (more…)

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Offering Downloads From Your Site – Money Isn’t Everything

I was challenged recently in class by a couple of my music biz course students over the issue of whether an unestablished independent artist should bother trying to sell music downloads from his/her own website when there are online retailers already established and available for that purpose.

My position has always been (more…)

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Music Marketing Manifesto

Recording artist John Oszajca has spent a lot of time and money learning the ins and outs of Internet marketing and how an artist can apply it to drive lots of traffic to their site, build their email list fast and successfully sell their music online. Now he’s sharing his knowledge, tips, strategies and secrets through the Music Marketing Manifesto, an in-depth online course designed to make it easy for anyone to benefit from all he’s learned. Incredibly, he’s currently offering everything in one big package for less than a hundred bucks! I think this is really important stuff for the independent artist who doesn’t have the industry machine behind them. This deal isn’t likely to remain available indefinitely, so to find out more click on the above banner to watch the introductory video and connect with John.

Also, check out the membership opportunity in John’s new Music Marketing Insider Circle on my Special Artist Resources page.

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Finding A Music Industry Publicist

Thinking it’s time for a publicist? Check out Mike King’s short video Finding And Working With A Publicist. He and lots of others have also written some great music biz articles which you’ll find at, a valuable resource site. Meanwhile, here’s some of my thoughts on that industry player known as the publicist. (more…)

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