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Topics and tips for the artist and writer related to the recording project and working in a recording studio.

Scary Movie: The Live Music Video Turned Horror Show

As an artist building a career, exposure is obviously one of the key ingredients to growing your fan base. In your excitement to get yourself seen by as many people as possible, it is understandable that you may relish having fans video your performances and encourage them to post/share them on the Web. Even some popular established acts are known to allow it.

But what if you should have a change of heart (more…)

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The Recording Project – How Many Songs And How Much Money

When it comes to sound recordings, I’m often flabbergasted by how much money, time and effort many artists expend unnecessarily. How many songs you should record for a project and how much you should consider spending really depends on what your end objectives are for it. Believe it or not, for some purposes in this business your recording needn’t be done in a studio at all, and that can save you plenty. (more…)

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The Recording Project – Enter At Your Own Risk

Off to the studio to put down those great original songs of yours? You might be thankful you read the following. (more…)

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