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Who Writes The Songs? Why Some Bands Are Singing The Blues

It’s a sad reality that far too many bands are remiss when it comes to housekeeping, and one of the things that has come back to haunt more than a few groups and former mates is an unfortunate propensity for untidiness when it comes to song material written by members. (more…)

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Music Publishers and the New Songwriter

In the earlier days of the music industry, few performing and recording acts wrote their own material. Thus, publishers were an important source of songs for artists and an attractive home for the non-performing writer.

Today, many publishers have broadened aspirations, assuming roles that in former times were not typically their domain. (more…)

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Europe Reins In The Music Master Poachers

Nothing is forever. This we all know. When we think about copyright duration, which is a lot less than forever, most of us in this business tend to think of it more in relation to compositions, not so much as it pertains to sound recordings. That’s why I believe you’ll find what you’re about to read especially interesting. (more…)

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Going The Publisher Route With Your Songs

Some songwriters are gung ho about getting a music publisher on board, without affording much thought to the pros and cons. Others are trepidatious. Still others are dead set against the idea. Whatever the case, the degree to which publishing can and should be important to an artist-writer’s long-term financial well-being cannot be overstated. Neither can the ramifications of failing to understand the hows and whys of it. (more…)

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Renaming Your Songs–Retitling Can Be The Indie Artist’s Friend

I wrote a blog a couple of years back (Giving Your Song Multiple Personalities) about the topic of song retitling. The practice of giving a song two or more names has been going on for a long time and has always got a bad rap from some quarters in this industry. If anything, the negative dialogue has only gotten shriller in recent years, so I thought it a good time to revisit the subject and (more…)

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Score One For The Independent Artist Against The Big Boys

On July 12, Canada’ supreme court did independent labels and artists out there a big favour.

In a landmark decision, the court ruled that the copyright board had erred in classifying paid and unpaid downloads as “communications” (a.k.a. “broadcasts”), entrenching technological neutrality as a copyright principle and, thus, putting the kibosh on Socan’s efforts on behalf of publishers to collect a performance royalty every time part or all of a song is downloaded from the Web. The court also ruled that streaming (more…)

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Dealing With Music Piracy In The Digital Age

I just read an intriguing news story out of Europe, where France is about to initiate a strategy to combat illegal downloading by partially subsidizing a music subscription download card for 18 to 25 year olds. This got me thinking again about the whole issue of piracy in the digital sphere. (more…)

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U.S. Court Reins In The Performing Rights Organizations

I admit I have a bone or two to pick with music rights collectives, in part because of their seeming penchant for ringing every last dime out of every possible revenue source and how that can sometimes end up hurting the independent recording artist, small labels and even songwriters. (more…)

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Giving Your Song Multiple Personalities

If you’re a songwriter, there are occasions where it might make sense to give an original song a second name or even create a second variation of the song. Here’s one to ponder.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you don’t have a publisher (more…)

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