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  1. I need some guidance and direction, most of all I need many listening ears .

    As a composer and author I record at home before deciding on a song I will take to my producer friend . He has helped with five songs now since Jan 2011 .

    ” yOU dON’T gET mE yET ”
    ” Kitch Encounters ”
    “she’s all cat’s|Gone Astray”
    Plan 14 songs for my repertoire, playlist, and album .
    For sharing my great songs I’ve chosen sites on the net .

    Then I want radio stations to press play with disc in the pk I prepare for them.

    I want royalties ,I need investment capital to record with.
    We will play the lower mainland to start .

    • Graham says:

      Hi Troy:

      From what you’ve said, I think you would really benefit by getting together with an experienced industry vet, whether me or somebody else, to discuss your career and get pointed in the right direction re the next steps you should be taking as well as any other issues you may have. Getting this kind of guidance is even more important for somebody like yourself who is starting to collaborate with other individuals (I’ll explain when we talk). As well, you might consider the music business course I teach at Douglas College. You are welcome to contact me at to set up a time for a preliminary phone chat, which should help you determine whether what I’m suggesting makes sense for you.

  2. Kamile Kapel says:

    Hi there,

    I am interested in taking your course in the fall. How do I go about registering?

  3. Tim Bartsch says:

    I wanted to attend your course at Douglas College starting next Wednesday. Is there still room available (I guess the office is open only Monday to Thursday)?

    • Graham says:

      Hi Tim:

      I see that you joined the program right after you sent your message. Just so everyone else knows, it will be repeating again in January starting around mid-month.